About Us

At VRAL Games, we’re building the future of immersive games. Led by seasoned experts in gaming, hardware, and AI, our founders steered GameStop’s global rise, crafted their own games with over 50 million downloads, co-launched blockbuster titles (GTA, Call of Duty, FIFA, Zelda, Mario Kart, Pokemon, Minecraft, Gran Turismo, F1, and more) and pioneered cutting-edge, patented technology. With a track record of successful exits, we’re driven by a single ambition: to create the next wave of entertainment. Our new games are more than just play; they’re a fusion of innovative gameplay, proprietary IP, and social engagement, designed for maximum monetization and enjoyment. All founders reside in sunny Miami, our HQ and a burgeoning tech hub.

Meet the Founding Team

Rodolfo Saccoman - "Architect of Realities"

CEO & Co-Founder

"Crafting immersive universes with a blend of strategic foresight and cutting-edge AI, Rodolfo navigates the intersection of technology and imagination, shaping the future of spatial gaming."

Rodolfo is a serial, venture-backed tech entrepreneur with two successful AI exits. He thrives on building advanced products and scaling global companies. A holder of multiple AI software patents, Rodolfo is also a keen blockchain and equities investor and an enthusiastic gamer. He earned his MBA from the University of Miami and a B.S. from Cornell University.

Giovanni Bazzoni - "Builder of Dreams"

Chief Gaming Officer & Co-Founder

"A visionary in the realm of game development, Giovanni has been crafting digital worlds for 20 years, bringing to life the dreams and adventures that captivate gamers' hearts and minds."

Giovanni is a visionary in game development, blending his expertise as an engineer with his passion for creating immersive gaming experiences. He has a proven foresight into the future of gaming. As an early pioneer, he led the charge in developing racing games for console platforms and later for mobile. In 2017, he ventured into virtual reality gaming, and his career has been marked by successful partnerships and distribution deals with industry giants like Meta, Tencent, Microsoft, and more. Giovanni is the co-founder of FunnyTales, the creative force behind VRAL Games.

Massimo Colella - "Champion of Gamers"

Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder

"A true advocate for the gaming community, Massimo masterfully orchestrates the commercial landscape, ensuring every gamer's voice is heard and every experience is unparalleled."

Massimo was a C-level executive and the driving force behind GameStop’s rapid expansion in Europe, forging key partnerships with industry giants like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and EA. With an unparalleled understanding of the gaming industry and gamers’ preferences, Massimo is a serial entrepreneur with successful exits under his belt. His expertise lies in devising intricate commercial and gaming acquisition strategies. For him, immersive gaming is the future.

Joe-Victor Behar - "Custodian of the Coin"

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder

"With a keen eye for strategy and a steady hand on the financial helm, Joe-Victor navigates the complex waters of finance, ensuring the company's journey is both prosperous and stable."

Joe-Victor is a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple successful exits and a proven track record as a C-level executive. Alongside Massimo, he strategically orchestrated the sale of their gaming company to GameStop, contributing to the development of 10% of GameStop’s global footprint. Joe-Victor has adeptly managed 2,000 employees as CEO of GameStop Italy, overseeing annual operating plans worth $250 million. His next big bet, immersive gaming. 

Eduardo Fernández - "Tactician of Time"

Project Manager

“Steering the ship of progress, Eduardo orchestrates the dance of deadlines and deliverables, ensuring every project reaches its destination on time and with excellence.”

Eduardo is deeply immersed in the world of gaming, with a B.S. in Game Production from Champlain College. At VRAL Games, he takes charge of high-level project management, ensuring the seamless execution of immersive gaming experiences and gaming development.